Unit 1 Topic 1 Our Online Learning Tools

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Topic Overview

As our class is an online class, we need to make use of a variety of online tools and skills in order to learn Chinese successfully. All students need to sign up for the learning tools listed below. Mr. Edmunds will teach you how to use them during class, but you should also spend some out-of-class time experimenting with them and becoming familiar with how to use them. If you are having trouble getting any of the steps completed, please ask your eDean for help, as without these tools, we can't run the course!

Pages like this one, Topic Pages, are like lessons except that sometimes we'll work through a topic in an hour, and sometimes it might take several days to work through a topic. When we have our videoconference lesson each week, we will often work through topics together. But in the other three lessons you have timetabled for Chinese each week, and for homework, you can work through the topic pages at your own pace. This is one of the huge advantages of online learning - so make the most of it! Topic pages contain several important sections:

  • 1. The Topic Overview section explains what the topic is about. Next to the overview is a video, where I talk through some of the steps and demonstrate how to find, do, say or write things.
  • 2. The Activities section - lists each step that you need to complete. To the left of this is the Student Work section which contains a Padlet where you can post your questions and comments, and also upload your finished work. Don't worry - these pages are private so the only people that can see this Padlet are me, your classmates, and invited family
  • 3. The Resources section - contains a Padlet with links to useful sites, files, videos, diagrams, forms, maps... anything you might need to complete the activities.

Activities & Student Work

  • Video Conference Class Work

  • Step 1

  • Make sure that you have a Google account. This will also give you access to gmail, Google+, Google Drive and Google Apps. Most students will automatically have a Google account that comes with their school email. If you're having trouble with this step, please see your eDean as soon as possible because without a Google account, many of our tools can't be used. See the resources section for a link.
  • Step 2

  • Fill out the pre-course Google Forms survey if you have not done so already. Make sure you SUBMIT the form when you're done!
  • Step 3

  • Use your Google account to sign up for Padlet, a collaborative pasteboard that we will use a lot in class. If you have a tablet, you may need to install the free Padlet app. See the resources section for a link.
  • Step 4

  • In the Student Work Padlet, double click and add an introduction that includes your name, school, city and a photo.
  • Step 5

  • Use your Google account to sign up for Zoom, the video conferencing app that we will use in class. While you can use zoom in a browser (like Chrome), it will work better if you install the free desktop (or tablet) app. You may need to see your eDean for help getting this app installed on the school computers, but you should have no problem doing this yourself at home on your personal device. See the resources section for a link.
  • Step 6

  • Check your email and click on the invitation I've sent you to join the class video conference. This does NOT require that you have installed the app yet. The first thing to check once you have joined our Zoom videoconference, is that you know how to mute your microphone. Work this out ASAP.
  • Step 7

  • Use your Google account to sign up for Memrise, a vocabulary memorisation app. You can't learn a language if you don't know any words! And you can't learn Chinese if you can't read any Pinyin or Characters! So this app is absolutely vital to being successful in our course this year, and we'll be using it next topic.See the resources section for a link.
  • Weekly Work

  • After our VC class every Monday morning, this section will list the tasks you need to work on during your other three classes during the week.
  • Weekly Task 1 - Padlet

  • 1. Make sure you have finished all of the tasks above, including adding a profile AND photo! to the Student Work  Padlet. If you haven't yet set up a Padlet account, you might not be able to edit a Padlet post you made on another computer. So get those Padlet accounts sorted and this will let you work on any device you like over the week.
  • 2. When you have finished any of the weekly tasks, post a message like "Simon - finished task 1" to the Student Work Padlet. This helps me keep track of where students are up to.
  • 3. Make a new Padlet of your own. (You will need to have a Padlet account to do this) In this Padlet, find and paste in:
    • i. Three pictures of Chinese people that look interesting to you.
    • ii. Three pictures of Chinese places that look interesting to you.
    • iii. Three pictures of Chinese events that look interesting to you.
  • Share this Padlet with the class by posting a link to it in the Student Work Padlet.
  • Weekly Task 2 - Memrise

  • 1. After you have set up a Memrise account, get started on our first Memrise set - Memrise Beginners Chinese. There are three 'sets' that I've created for Memrise so far. Start working through each of them. 
  • 2. Memrise is an app you should be using at the start of every non-VC class. Start off by learning the sets, then at the start of each class, do a quick review. Learning the sets could take you up to an hour. But reviewing them will be much faster! I can keep track of how much work you are doing on Memrise, so make sure you're using this extremely helpful tool!
  • 3. In Memrise, search for other Chinese courses and join some! HSK level 1 might be a good start, but there are hundred of great courses to try out!
  • Weekly Task 3 - eightArms student accounts

  • 1. You need to register for a student account on the eightArms site. Go to the Users  > Register menu and fill in the information there.
  • 2. After all our class have registered, I can begin to make all of our lessons pages private, so that non-students can't see or edit anything on these pages.

Lesson Resources