Unit 1 Topic 4 Chinese Names & Classroom Language

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Topic Overview

In this week's lessons, we are going to review our greeting and introductions and check how you are going with your character learning in Memrise.

Next, we will move on to some more sophisticated classroom language that you and the teacher will be using during our VC sessions this year - both questions and answers that will help you navigate your way around unfamiliar topics and instructions.

Recorded Class Videos

Activities & Student Work

  • Video Conference Class Work

  • Step 1

  • Review our phrases from the last lessons:
    • 你好 nǐ hǎo (ní hǎo) - hello!
    • 再见 zài jiàn - Goodbye.
    • 老师 lǎo shī - Teacher.
    • 我不知道 - I don't know.
    • 你好吗?nǐ hǎo mā (ní hǎo mā) - How are you?
    • 我很好 wǒ hěn hǎo (wǒ hén hǎo) - I'm fine.
    • 你们好 nǐ men hǎo.
    • 您好 nín hǎo.
    • 大家好 dà jiā hǎo.
    • 早上好 zǎo shang hǎo.
    • 下午好 xià wǔ hǎo.
    • 您贵姓?nín guì xìng?
    • 你叫什么名字?nǐ jiào shén me míng zi?
    • 我姓(艾)。wǒ xìng (aì).
    • 我叫(艾启明)。wǒ jiào (aì qǐ míng).
    • 你懂吗?nǐ dǒng ma?
    • 我懂。wǒ dǒng.
    • 我不懂。wǒ bù dǒng.
    • 我很高兴认识你。wo3 hen3 gao1xing4 ren4shi ni3
  • Step 2

  • Review our Memrise progress
  • Work on the 'difficult' characters
  • Step 3

  • Choose our Chinese names and practise saying and writing them
  • Step 4

  • Learn some new classroom language phrases.
    • Hello teacher! 老师好
    • Can you speak Chinese? 你会说中文吗?
    • I can speak a little Chinese. 我会说一点儿中文。
    • How do I say ____ (in Chinese)? _____用中文怎么说
    • What does _____ mean (in English)?_______ 英语是什么意思
    • Can you speak slower please? 你能说慢一点吗
    • Can you repeat that please? 你能重复一遍吗
    • Can you help me please? 你能帮我吗
    • Do you know? 你知道吗?
    • I don't know. 我不知道。
    • How do you write the character for _____? _____的汉字怎么写?
    • How do you spell _____ in pinyin? _____的拼音怎么拼?
  • Weekly Work

  • Task 1

  • Memrise - work through the new sets!
  • Task 2

  • Use your phone, tablet or computer to make some video recordings of yourself and upload them to our class padlet. Your recordings should show you saying these sentences:
    • 你好。
    • 你好吗?
    • 我很好。
    • 你叫什么名字?
    • 我叫(your name)。
    • 我很高兴认识你。
    • 你会说中文吗?
    • 我会说一点儿中文。
    • 再见。

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