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Unit 1 First Steps 入门课程

This unit is the foundation to all of the other units we will study throughout the year. All students new to the class must complete this unit before moving on to study other topics. It provides an introduction to the course, gives students access to the tools and resources they'll use and covers some rudimentary but extremely useful language. In this unit:

  • We will set up the online learning tools we need to study Chinese together this year.
  • We will learn about the phonetic system called 'pinyin' that teaches us to read and pronounce all of the different sounds in Chinese. 
  • We will learn how to greet others in Chinese, and how to say goodbye, as well as learning our first Chinese characters.
  • We will get our Chinese names, and will learn how to ask and answer questions about names.
  • We will learn some useful phrases used in the classroom to give instructions, and ask and answer questions with the teacher and other students.

Learning Objectives

  • Communication

  • Selecting and using language, symbols, and texts to communicate.
  • Managing self and relating to others.
  • Participating and contributing in communities.
  • Show social awareness when interacting with others.
  • Language knowledge

  • Recognise that the target language is organised in particular ways.
  • Make connections with their own language(s).

Key Competencies

Using language, symbols, and texts, Managing self, Participating and contributing.