Unit 2 Topic 1 An Introduction to Chinese Geography

Topic Overview

In this week's lessons, we are going to start looking at the physical geography of east Asia, with a focus on China. We will research different geographic, statistical and demographic information and use this to begin to contrast the geography of China with New Zealand and other countries.

In terms of language, this week we will begin to learn the names for some different countries and cities, and will ask and answer questions about where we are from.

Recorded Class Videos

Activities & Student Work

  • Video Conference Class Work

  • Step 1

  • An introduction to the geography of East Asia
    • Where is China?
    • What countries does China share a border with?
    • What is the physical geography of China like?
    • Where are China's most important cities?
    • How is China divided into provinces?
  • Step 2

  • Country names:
  • Step 3

  • Cities:
  • Step 4

  • Where are you from?
  •  Step 5

  • Expand our knowledge of Chinese country names
  • Step 6

  • Ask and answer questions about languages
  • Step 7

  • Expand our knowledge of language names
  • Step 8

  • Ask and answer questions about cities
  • Step 9

  • Configuring Zoom tutorial
  • Review key vocabulary & phrases
  • Work through Hone & Xiaomei dialogue
  • Link padlets to class page
  • Configuring padlets tutorial
  • Setup Edmodo class
  • Weekly Work

  • Task 1

  • Memrise - work through the new sets!
  • Task 2

  • Watch the intro to China video
  • Task 3

  • Have a look at the facts and figures padlet. 
  • Do some research, using reliable sources, and fill in at least two missing pieces of information each.
  • Task 4

  • Pick one Chinese city, and make a new information padlet about it. Your padlet should contain:
    • A link to at least one video (youtube is fine) about the city.
    • At least 3 photos of places in the city.
    • The population of the city
    • Information about the climate of the city (A climate graph would be great! You can find these online)
    • A short paragraph or two about the history of the city (written in your own words, not just copied from Wikipedia!)
    • The Chinese character and pinyin for the city name
    • A list of at least three important tourist attractions in the city.
    • Anything else extra you want to add!
  • You need to email me the link to your padlet BEFORE our class next week.
  • Task 5

  • Make a video of you reading out the dialogue between Hone and Xiaomei.
  • Upload the video to our class padlet.
  • Task 6

  • Finish working through our Memrise sets for this unit
  • These Memrise sets are a compulsory part of this course. You need to be doing Memrise revision work at least three times every week.
  • Task 7

  • Look at one of the class Padlets for a different city than the one you chose. Read through their information and watch their linked videos.
  • Post a question on their padlet about the city they have introduced.
  • Answer any questions that get posted on your padlets - you might have to do some research to answer them!
  • Task 8

  • Work through the Edmodo class quiz Languages and Places

Lesson Resources