Unit 2 Where are you from? 你是哪国人?

This unit focusses on countries, nationalities, and languages. It expands upon our introductions and allows us to talk about different countries and cities, compare and contrast different nationalities and cultures, and ask and answer questions about which languages we can or cannot use.

In this unit:

  • We will study the geography of China, including surrounding countries, cities, provinces, climates, demographics and cultural differences.
  • We will learn how to talk about a range of different countries, focussing on the grammar patterns 你是哪国人?我是新西兰人。
  • We will learn how to use country's names as adjectives with the characters 人, 文, 语
  • We will learn how to ask and answer questions about languages, focussing on the grammar patterns 你会说中文吗?我会说一点儿中文。
  • We will compare and contrast cultural differences between China and New Zealand.

Learning Objectives

  • Communication

  • Selecting and using language, symbols, and texts to communicate.
  • Managing self and relating to others.
  • Participating and contributing in communities.
  • Show social awareness when interacting with others.
  • Language knowledge

  • Recognise that the target language is organised in particular ways.
  • Make connections with their own language(s).

Key Competencies

Using language, symbols, and texts, Managing self, Participating and contributing.