Unit 3 My Family

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  • Week 1

  • New vocabulary:
    •            I, you, he, she
      我 , 你 , 她 , 他 
      ma   ba   di   ge   mèimei   jiějie  Mum, dad, little brother, big brother, little sister, big sister
      妈妈 , 爸爸 , 弟弟 , 哥哥 , 妹妹 , 姐姐 
  • Describing our family/household.
  • Week 2

  • Asking and answering questions about family.
    • Who is he/she/this/that?
    • What is his/her name?
    • How old is he/she?
    • What nationality is he/she?
    • Where is he/she from?
  • Week 3

    • Comparing family life in China and NZ
    • Comparing family life in rural and urban China
  • Homework

  • Week 1

  • 1. Memrise - work through the new sets for Unit 3.
  • 2. Make and upload an audio recording of yourself introducing your family using the sentences we learned this week - there are 7 people in my family, she is my mother, her name is Lesley, she is 64 years old.
  • 3. Print out and fill in the three character sheets for 家他她妈爸哥弟姐妹
  • Week 2

  • 1. Memrise - continue revising the sets for Unit 3.
  • 2. Upload the pictures of your family to the class Padlet. 
  • 3. Click on each classmate's family picture, and in the comments, ask a question we have learned this week.
  • 4. Answer any questions that are posted on your family post.
  • Week3

  • 1. Finish the outstanding work from last week! Nobody has completed it yet!
  • 2. Watch videos 1 & 2 from the class padlet. NOTE: only watch from 23m - 30m in the second video for now. Open the list of questions for the first and second videos and write down your answers. Email me these answers by the end of this lesson thanks.
  • 3. Watch the third video, then go back and watch the bits of the second video that you didn't watch before. These clips are quite LONG, so you will need to do this for homework during the week. Write down your answers and email these to me before next Wednesday thanks.

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